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On behalf of our firm,  I would like to personally welcome you to SEDNA Wealth Management. We are humbled by the opportunity to service our clients and their families.
I started this company because of my lifelong passion for investing, and the great sense of satisfaction and enjoyment I get from helping people achieve a comfort in life from financial planning, investment management and education.
With over 23 years in the asset and wealth management business, I recognized a need for personalized, transparent, and unbiased advice for the average person’s financial planning and investment needs. As I look at the eventual changes that our economic system will need to accomplish, it has never made more sense to seek professional advice in planning your financial future. 
That’s why I’ve built an investment and financial advisory firm that doesn’t sell any products other than our advice, and makes sure you always know how much you’re paying and what you’re getting in return. As a fee-only advisory firm our only interest is to do what’s right for you and our ultimate judge of success is the satisfaction of our clients. 
I’ve made some atypical choices in starting SEDNA Wealth Management with the goal of providing clients the highest level of service at a reasonable price. Rather than hire expensive administrative staff, I’ve outsourced many labor intensive tasks and utilized technology solutions to free up my time to personally work with clients and manage their portfolios. This allows me the time and resources to utilize institutional portfolio management and research tools to deliver the very best in customized investment strategies. 
I’m so happy that you’ve decided to explore joining SEDNA Wealth Management and look forward to growing our relationship together.