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About Us Is Really All About You

It’s Time To Bring Your Money Into The 21st Century

SEDNA is a modern financial planning and investment firm that specializes in working with freelancers, business owners and career transitioners in building and managing a financial foundation in which to operate your career and life from. Whether your managing a well established business or jumping from project to project we believe that having a well thought-out plan that is catered to your career is paramount to long-term financial success. 

No Conflicts

We act as a fiduciary on your behalf and abide by the Fiduciary Standard

Modern Wealth Planning

Our personalized advice lets you achieve the lifestyle you want, without compromise.

Advice When & How You Need It

Online tools and personalized advice delivered by web conference, phone, chat and email.

Fee-Only Advisors

Our fee-only approach cuts out commissions to give you lower costs than traditional brokers.

Dynamic Portfolios

Our smart portfolio system tactically weights your portfolio inline with your wealth plan. 

Tax Optimization

By applying tax loss harvesting and reallocating higher yields to tax deferred accounts.

Meet The Founder


Rick Drew CIMA®, Managing Director and Founding Partner of SEDNA Wealth Management. Drew’s experience in wealth and asset management over the last 20 years gives him a unique perspective for providing highly customized financial advice along with the expertise to manage the entire investment process. Drew credits his success to strong family mentors who served their communities in various roles in education and healthcare. “SEDNA is created with the distinct purpose of helping individuals to build wealth during every stage of life through customized planning and personalized investment advice.”