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Even A Hurricane Has A Calm Center

Consistently Executing Your Investment Plan Is Our Primary Strategy

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The name SEDNA in Inuit mythology means Goddess of the Sea. SEDNA represents one of our core investment beliefs, that financial markets and the influences that drive asset class prices flow much like water. Over time we’ll experience ups and downs and an occasional storm or two, but much like water, financial markets always seek to find a balance. Our job at SEDNA is to design a personal investment plan that is focused on achieving your goals and flexible enough to navigate any market environment.

Your personalized Asset Allocation takes into account your financial information and the goals you create to form a balanced approach for managing risk and growth in your portfolio. Our digital Wealth Plan technology incorporates your spending, saving patterns, as well as your projected income to determine the best-case, worst-case and most-likely scenarios. Combining this methodology helps us maintain the optimal asset allocation for your portfolio. If you’re still working, for example, we’ll determine the growth rate and amount of money you need to retire. If you’re currently retired, we’ll utilize cash flow analysis to make sure you never run out of money. SEDNA believes in using a combination of the latest technology and personalized investment advice to build the best solution for living your life.

At SEDNA we are comfortable investing across the full breadth of the market and have a wide range of investments to use at our discretion. The backbone of many of our investment portfolios has increasingly been supported by the use of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). We use ETFs that are extremely liquid as well as cost and tax efficient, to allow us to utilize a dynamic portfolio modeling approach at a fraction of the price of other investment vehicles. Occasionally, will utilize mutual funds, separately managed accounts or individual securities to gain specific exposure to asset classes or strategies where ETFs are not appropriate.

We can’t control the ups and downs of the market, but we can predict there will be bumps in the road. Our investment methodology is built to enhance diversification and tactically shift to undervalued and momentum driven opportunities. We start with a equalized portfolio composition by sector, size and style as a benchmark. Then we dynamically shift exposure based upon a model that utilizes fundamental and technical analysis.

Careful planning can assist you in reducing the taxes you pay and help achieve your financial goals. Tax optimization is part of the SEDNA Wealth Management process for all clients. When building your financial plan, the impact of taxes is carefully considered throughout the current year and over your overall investment horizon. Taxes are tactically and strategically reviewed each year to best manage potential obligations – even beyond your investments that are managed by us.

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