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Saving a Million dollars doesn’t have to be as hard as you think, especially if you start investing when you’re young. This article shows how a summer job can grow to a million dollars or more by compounding your money.

How Your Teenager's Summer Job Could Make Them A Millionaire

It is possible to become a millionaire if you save the right way with a teenage summer job. This helps show how compounding and tax-efficiency help yo...


As parents age is important to have conversations of how to best provide the care that is needed in their senior years. If adult care providers are part of your plan please review this article to make sure you’re making the best choices for your loved ones

How to Choose an Adult Daycare Provider

If you're choosing an adult daycare provider for the first time, or you've gone through to process before, here's what do consider.


Should You Do a Roth Conversion? A Roth IRA is one of the best vehicles for saving and living off your retirement income. If you started with a traditional IRA or 401(k) please contact me for advice on Roth conversions.

Should I Do a Roth Conversion?

This strategy has pros and cons. Here's why people early in retirement should give it a close look.


Opening a Roth IRA for kids can be a great way to help your children save money for the future. If you start young enough, even small savings can grow into millions, or tens of millions, of dollars in wealth.

Help your children grow wealth, tax-free.

Opening a Roth IRA for kids can be one of the best ways to help your children invest their money, saving cash tax-free to grow for decades.


They learn so fast and know how to navigate a iPhone or iPad better than you. So how do you teach them about money when everything is done on a card or online? Here is some great advice about teaching your kids the value of money in the digital world.

How to Teach Kids to Save and Manage Money In A Digital World - Fatherly

When one dad learned how difficult it is to teach kids the value of money in a world where purchases are made online and cash never changes hands, he ...


A useful strategy in managing your financial life during retirement is to build a retirement paycheck. Having a monthly income that covers your necessary and discretionary needs can relieve a great deal of stress in terms of of navigating your future.

Retirement success: focus on the paycheck, not a savings number

Steve Vernon is an expert on numbers - but please do not ask him for your “number” - that is, the amount you need to save to insure a succ...


Does it really cost more today to raise kids than it did 50 years ago? YES!!! $233,610 (not including college, *USDA statistics)This article examines some of the costs that are higher and lower in today’s world.

Costs of Raising a Family Today: Here's Why It's So Expensive

From food and clothing to housing and diapers, the percentage of family's budget spent on their kids continues to drop. So why is the cost of raising ...


If you’re dreaming of retiring or buying a second home in a charming American town please take a look at this article. These cities are considered to have attractive characteristics for retires and should be added to your vacation road trip list.

These Are Some of the Prettiest American Towns to Retire in

Dreaming of retiring to a quaint town on a lake or beach? Maybe a historic walkable college town or a charming village nestled in the mountains?


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