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Why are Stocks hitting all time highs during the middle of a recession and pandemic? It’s the power of the Fed. Read how they’re using their balance sheet to drive the stock market higher.

The Fed‘s Balance Sheet Is Driving The Stock Market

When the Fed increases its balance sheet stocks rise.


With our economy moving into a pandemic imposed recession it's probably a good time to review "How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio." Our economy is changing before our eyes, make sure you're well informed. via @YouTube

U.S. shouldn't bail out hedge funds, billionaires during coronavirus pandemic. That's not what proper capitalism is.
via @YouTube

A Must Share Video From Raoul Pal On The Retirement Crisis - How The Current Debts of Corporations and Pensions Will Destroy Your Retirement (w/ Raoul Pal) via @YouTube

In this video Magic Johnson sits down with Uninterrupted to describe how he got his start in business, who inspired him, and why you need mentors. Magic mentions one of my mentors, Dr. Larry Redd (my uncle), as being influential in his first business deal.

For most people it’s the time of the year to re-elect your health plan options. Choosing the plan that best fits your families needs can save or cost you a lot of money! This article highlights what to pay attention to when making your elections.

Open Enrollment: 93% of Americans Are Making This Big Mistake With Their Healthcare @themotleyfool #stocks

It may not seem harmful, but it could cost you a lot of money in the long run.


🔴 Will Corporate Bonds Cause the Next Recession? Jeff Gundlach, Founder of Doubleline Capital shares his outlook for corporate bonds and potential headwinds that can cause the next recession. Produced by Real Vision; March 2019 | Re... via @YouTube

The guys at Real Vision do an excellent job explaining the technical aspects of The Coming Retirement Crisis - Check out this video via @YouTube

One of the best white papers that I’ve read in a while- Why and How Capitalism Needs To Be Reformed by Ray Dalio


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