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If the pandemic has had negative effects on your finances, the temporary changes to the rules under the CARES Act may give you more flexibility to make an emergency withdrawal from tax-deferred retirement accounts during 2020. Here’s what you need to know.

The CARES Act changed all of the rules about 401(k) withdrawals. Here's everything you need to know

Before COVID, early withdrawals from your retirement accounts came with stiff penalties. That's no longer the case.


Why are Stocks hitting all time highs during the middle of a recession and pandemic? It’s the power of the Fed. Read how they’re using their balance sheet to drive the stock market higher.

The Fed‘s Balance Sheet Is Driving The Stock Market

When the Fed increases its balance sheet stocks rise.


For most people it’s the time of the year to re-elect your health plan options. Choosing the plan that best fits your families needs can save or cost you a lot of money! This article highlights what to pay attention to when making your elections.

Open Enrollment: 93% of Americans Are Making This Big Mistake With Their Healthcare @themotleyfool #stocks

It may not seem harmful, but it could cost you a lot of money in the long run.


One of the best white papers that I’ve read in a while- Why and How Capitalism Needs To Be Reformed by Ray Dalio


We often don’t realize how many ordinary people have become extremely wealthy by being financially savvy. Here are some great examples of people with regular jobs who were able to give away a lot of money to help charities and other institutions.

This Secretary Amassed $8.2 Million. Here's How. @themotleyfool #stocks

Here are lots of people -- secretaries, teachers, janitors, and others -- who made millions. Learn how they did it, and how you might, too.


It’s the season for giving! Have you considered donating from an IRA. Donations from your Traditional IRA account will be non-taxable and can help you meet your RMD for the year. Ultimately helping you and your charity meet your financial obligations.

Can I Use Money From My IRA to Donate to Charity?

Yes, you can use money from your IRA to donate to qualified charities. Better yet, you can get a tax break by doing so if you follow IRS rules.


As parents age is important to have conversations of how to best provide the care that is needed in their senior years. If adult care providers are part of your plan please review this article to make sure you’re making the best choices for your loved ones

Retirement Focus

You only get one shot at retirement, so you'd better get it right. Learn everything you need to know about retirement planning, including the pros and...


They learn so fast and know how to navigate a iPhone or iPad better than you. So how do you teach them about money when everything is done on a card or online? Here is some great advice about teaching your kids the value of money in the digital world.

How I Got My Kids to Stop Blowing Their Money on In-App Purchases

Hint: It involves using real cash.


A useful strategy in managing your financial life during retirement is to build a retirement paycheck. Having a monthly income that covers your necessary and discretionary needs can relieve a great deal of stress in terms of of navigating your future.

Retirement success: focus on the paycheck, not a savings number

Steve Vernon is an expert on numbers - but please do not ask him for your “number” - that is, the amount you need to save to insure a succ...


Does it really cost more today to raise kids than it did 50 years ago? YES!!! $233,610 (not including college, *USDA statistics)This article examines some of the costs that are higher and lower in today’s world.

It Cost $31,000 More To Raise a Kid Today Than in 1960

But where's all the money going?


Interest-rate movements are essentially the bond market’s way of signaling how investors feel about future returns. So how do interest rates effect stock market returns? Here is helpful information on how interest changes can affect the companies you own.

How Do Interest Rates Affect the Stock Market?

Interest rates can have a complicated ripple effect through financial markets. Learn more about how they specifically impact the stock market.


We’ve been watching this as well. As of 5/31/18 the tech weighted, QQQ ETF, is up 9.35% YTD vs. 1.98% YTD for the S&P 500 (SPY). Technology is continuing to change the world, but knowing your price range and when to be defensive is key.

Sell Tech Stocks Now Before Bubble Bursts: Paulsen

The noted investment strategist sees dangerous overexposure to big tech stocks.


Forget Retirement - Plan for Financial Independence! A core idea that we express to clients is to treat your money as if it’s a small business. Your business should be in growth mode for years, but eventually you want your business to pay you a salary.

3 Reasons to Retire as Early as You Can @themotleyfool #stocks $TWTR

The third is overwhelmingly the most popular -- and has nothing to do with money.


For younger investors knowing the Rule of 72 and the value of compounding your money is a huge advantage in building wealth over time. This article shares some of the basics and emphasizes that you don’t have to make a lot of money to have a lot of money.

How Long to Double Your Money? Use the Rule of 72

The Rule of 72 is a math rule you can use to determine how many years it will take to double your money. Here's how it works.


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