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Helping Our Clients Make An Impact

We Are Here To Educate, Create Opportunities And Have Fun

Our wealth planning process and personal investment approach is structured so that we can consistently deliver advice in alignment with your financial goals.  As your trusted advisor we make sure you have the right plan in place to take care of the people and things you care about most.


We are a fee-only firm – 100% fee-only.  Unlike many financial advisers, SEDNA Wealth Management serves as fiduciaries to our clients, which means we operate with complete transparency, avoid conflicts of interest, and disclose all details, fees and expenses.  We take the time to thoroughly explain all of your services and investments in plain English.

Modern Wealth Planning

SEDNA believes you deserve a clear and organized picture of your financial life. We use cutting edge technology to help you build strong financial habits, set goals and see the progress you’re making in growing true wealth. Your modern wealth plan is a digital collection of all your financial components, organized in a way for your to track the progress of multiple goals in your life. 

Advice When & How You Need It

Your time is valuable! We want to cater our services and advice in the way that you prefer. If you live in the Carolinas we’re happy to meet in person. If not, we arrange virtually meetings to accommodate you during a time and place that is convenient.

Fee Only Advisors

We are Fee-Only advisors. We don’t believe that commissions or sales charges should influence our recommendations to you. That means that the only compensation we receive comes from our clients and not from mutual fund or insurance companies.

Dynamic Portfolios

We can’t control the ups and downs of the market, but we can predict there will be bumps in the road. Our investment methodology is built to enhance diversification and tactically shift to undervalued and momentum driven opportunities. We start with a equalized portfolio composition by sector, size and style as a benchmark. Then we dynamically shift exposure based upon a model that utilizes fundamental and technical analysis.

Tax Planning and Optimization

Careful planning can assist you in reducing the taxes you pay and help achieve your financial goals. Tax optimization is part of the SEDNA Wealth Management process for all clients. When building your financial plan, the impact of taxes is carefully considered throughout the current year and over your overall investment horizon. Taxes are tactically and strategically reviewed each year to best manage potential obligations – even beyond your investments that are managed by us.

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